Connect On Twitter To Build Your Brand Following

Build Your Brand With Twitter

Twitter's stream of updates make it a popular platform, because users can easily converse and make lists to build a curated newsfeed.  These reasons make Twitter an attractive platform for marketers.  Read on to learn how to market you brand and build a community on Twitter that will allow you to drive more traffic and convince more people.


Twitter Chats for Organic Growth

Twitter chats are a great way to drive a lot of organic attention to your account.  Chats are for networking and learning, and are not meant to sell something.  They are regularly scheduled moderated meetings where participants discuss specific topics in a Q/A format. In this article on Twitter chats for marketing, Sonia Gregory recommends 9 chats.  Check out one that speaks to you.  Though, note that #BufferChat (my favorite) held it's last chat in June 2018.

When participating in a Twitter chat, questions and answers are usually formatted in a specific way.  All questions are numbered, and tweets are begun with Q1, Q2, Q3....  Answers are numbered to refer to the corresponding question. They start with A1, A2, A3....  You must include the chat's hashtag in your Tweet. This will allow others to find the tweet. 

There are a few tools that allow you to set up a panel to follow specific hashtags, and easily see when someone mentions you in a Tweet.  Tweetdeck is what I use on a regular basis.  You may also want to try out TweetChat or Hubspot.

Start A Conversation

Connecting with individual people is necessary to build a loyal following.  You should also use Twitter to connect with and chat with others.  If you are just getting started, follow brands and individuals who are leaders in your industry.  To organize the accounts you follow, you can create Twitter lists grouped by topic.  

When you see a post that pertains to your industry, retweet it, and add a comment.  This will allow you to further shape the voice of your own brand.  If someone tweets at you, respond as soon as possible. 

The tools mentioned above for participating in a Twitter chats also allow you to "listen" to what others are saying about your brand.  By listening on Twitter, you will be able to deal with complaints before they escalate.  You can also use Twitter to start a conversation with others to build community around your brand. 

Micro-Target Paid Advertising

Twitter enables a number of ways for micro-targeting paid advertising to ensure that you are reaching those who are most likely to convert.  In this post on tips to improve your advertising strategy, Brandon Gains explained several advanced targeting features:

  1. Keyword matching allows you to target users who have tweeted using specified keywords.

  2. Followers allows you to target specific followers or influencers. For this you can use BuzzSumo to find the influencers for specific content.

  3. Email lists allow you to target users on Twitter who have previously signed up for your mailing list.

  4. Remarketing on Twitter works similar to Facebook remarketing. You can target people who have visited certain pages on your website.

  5. Event targeting allows you to reach people involved in current events.

Summing Up

Twitter is a great platform to use for marketing, because of it's conversational nature and micro-targeting ad capabilities.  By using Twitter chats, engaging in conversations, and micro-targeting with ads, it is possible to make sure that the right people see your brand and get excited about your product.  Twitter growth and engagement can be very rewarding, especially when the right techniques are applied.