Facebook Ad Strategies For Personalized Marketing

Facebook Ad Strategies

Facebook has more than 100 billion active users, and laser-focused marketing tools.  This combination means that no matter what your brand is, you need to have a Facebook presence.

Though, Facebook's algorithm updates make it increasingly more challenging to ensure that your posts are seen.  This article takes a look at the Facebook strategies that will make people feel like you are talking to them.

Pixel To Track Behavior

Before you ever think of marketing on Facebook, even before you launch your new website, you need (absolutely need) to embed a pixel on your website.  This will allow you to identify who on Facebook visits your site.  You won't actually be able to see the list identifying these people, but Facebook keeps the data in the form of a pixel audience.

Essentially, you add a small snippet of code to your website.  Once this is done, wait a few months before you start with paid Facebook ads. This will give the pixel time to collect data for a sizable audience.

Optimize Posts For Varied Audiences

The more attention that your brand attracts, the more diverse your potential audience will be.  To make sure that each potential client feels like your ads are talking to them, you need to differentiate your copy and images to speak to your potential client's persona.  

Facebook Ads Manager makes it easy for you to differentiate the image and copy for different audiences.  When you set up your campaign, instead of creating one ad set, choose the option to create multiple ad sets.  This will allow you to keep the ads for the different personas all within the same campaign.  This way you can talk specifically to your potential clients, and track the success of each ad.  

Remarket To Those Who Haven't Converted Quite Yet

Your potential clients will need to see your ad and content several times before they decide to sign up or purchase.  Facebook makes it easy to remarket to those who visited your site, but haven't yet converted.

Once a pixel is embedded on your site, you will be able to create a remarketing audience for your ad.  When creating a new audience, choose "custom audience," and you will see the possible combinations of visitor profiles that are available.

Create Lookalike Audiences To Get More Conversions

Once you have a list of current and potential customers, Facebook helps you to create lookalike audiences.  This means that Facebook will search for people who have the same profile as those who have already expressed interest in your product.

Using optimized crawling and advanced Facebook ad technology, you can create a base of followers who are uniquely positioned to engage the most with your content.   Getting started with this is simple.  In the Facebook Ads Manager, choose "Lookalike Audience" when setting up your custom audience.

Optimize All Your Landing Pages

With the above four strategies, you will be in great shape to market on Facebook.  One last strategy is to keep in mind all of the platforms where your brand has a landing page, and embed a pixel there too.  You may have a landing page with Instapage, or a lead generator form with MailChimp.  Embed a pixel on those pages too.  This will allow you to further differentiate your message according to the objective of those individual landing pages. 

Summing It Up

This article gets to the heart of how you can immediately attract the attention of your potential customers.  Remember, before you start Facebook marketing, you need to embed a pixel your your site and on any landing page that your potential customers will visit.  From there you can create multiple ad sets, lookalike audiences, and remarket using Facebook's laser-focused ad strategies to drive more traffic and convince more people.

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