How Passion Drives Brand Advocates

Photo by  Ray Hennessy

Photo by Ray Hennessy


We all know that when certain people talk about a topic, more than the average amount of people stop to listen.  If I Tweet about the importance of content marketing to my 1,800 followers, I may get a few people to read the linked content.  And maybe one or two people will share my tweet.  But if I mention Patrice Truong, and he retweets my content to his 132,000 followers, the reach on my message will multiply exponentially.

Sounds like a great idea, right?  Well... let's take a deeper look at this topic, because what you really want is engagement with your content.  And this happens through the passionate support of brand advocates.

You Want Quality, Not Quantity

In this article, Jay Baer makes the case that to make a sale and get passion behind a brand, what is necessary is not attention by a top influencer.  The influencer will get the wider reach to your product, but they may not give a favorable endorsement.

What you really want are passionate followers that will advocate for your brand and promote it to their community members via word of mouth and social media.  As Ross Beard points out, this leads to "stickier customer loyalty" and supporters who are more likely to stick with you for a longer about of time.

How To Create Brand Advocates

Baer recommends that you first need to gather your fans in an online community or in person and encourage them to become volunteer ambassadors.  Once this happens, get those passionate brand advocates to build a community around your brand of others with similar passions.

Beard focuses on maintaining high customer satisfaction.   This can be done through 3 strategies:

  1. Empowering employees to go above and beyond what would normally be expected of them.

  2. Regularly collecting data on customer satisfaction to be able to pinpoint what aspects of your brand affect satisfaction levels.

  3. Aiming to impress customers beyond every step of your product delivery.

Effort Pays Off

Both Baer and Beard warn against the challenges of building brand advocates.  It takes a lot of constant attention, and it can be difficult to maintain a consistent message with a high level of quality.  It can also be difficult to maintain relationships over the long term.  However, both authors maintain that even if your brand advocates do not last for the life of the brand, this process still builds a client base that is more educated on your product and has done a great deal to build your business!