How To Use SEO To Drive More Traffic To Your Site

SEO To Drive Traffic

People are much more likely to click on organic search results than they are to click on the paid ads at the top of the search results page.  This is what makes search engine optimization (SEO) so important for your website.

This article discusses two strategies for SEO best practices: (1) thinking like your customers, and (2) tools for writing better SEO.

Think like your customers

Neil Patel's article on the psychology of SEO focuses on getting to know who your customers are.  If you can start thinking like them, you will understand how they will search for your product. 

This helps in two ways: 

  1. You will start to see trends in customer profiles and will be able to customize their experience based on their profile.

  2. You will understand the search terms that they will use to search for your product.

This is crucial, because Google's search engine is now semantically driven.  It looks for themes of search terms and predicts the intent of who is searching.

This means that you need to use long-tail keywords. 

Instead of searching for photography equipment in Dallas you may ask "Okay Google" for Where can I find photography equipment near me.  This means that you need to include these descriptive and conversational long-tail keywords in your website and in your blog optimization categories.

Tagging and Meta Descriptions Are Key

In his article on the most effective SEO tips, Ifran Ahmad tells us that site layout and design are extremely important, and must have well-researched keywords with proper title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions.

To look at the tagging and meta description of your site, use the free MozBar.  It will allow you to do an audit of your site to know what pages are properly tagged and what needs to be updated.

To know what keywords to focus on, one strategy is to focus on one keyword per page.  You can make a spreadsheet sheet to focus on what page focuses on what keyword.  Then you can analyze all pages on the site to make sure that all necessary keywords are used. 

Another keyword strategy is to steal your competitors' keywords.  Your potential clients are searching for your product, but they may find your competitors' product first.  If you can use the keywords that your competitors use, you may be able to win over their clients.

As for your meta descriptions, write them to be focused on your keywords.  If you are using your competitor's keywords, you can use Moz to look at their tagging and meta descriptions.  If you have a Wordpress site, the Yoast plug-in allows for easy SEO improvement.  

Summing It Up

Thinking like your customers is arguably the most critical component to successful SEO.  This article explains the basics to keyword strategy, tagging, and writing meta descriptions.  Use Moz and Yoast as tools to aid you in this SEO process.  If you want to learn more, dig into the articles that I've linked.  Remember, this is where you have the power to really drive traffic to your site.

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