6 Tools to Help Generate Blog Topics

Photo credit by David Pisnoy

Photo credit by David Pisnoy


You know that a blog is at the heart of getting content marketing to work for your brand. But you also need to provide services to your clients, balance your books, respond to emails, go to meetings, sit in traffic, walk the dog, pick up the kids, and… you know how it goes.

With so many responsibilities, any headspace that you need to tap into creative ideas for your blog instantly shrivels up. Well, at least that’s what you may feel like.

In this post I’ll dive into tools you can use to help you generate ideas that your potential clients will want to read about.

I will pay particular attention to the technology tools that you can use to research trending ideas to make your blog popular. For the examples I will use a photography sole proprietorship. Does this all sound good? Let’s get going!

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(1) Google

You may already know a broad topic that you want to write about, but you need to drill down a bit more to get a topic people will want to read about. This is where Google comes in.

With the last few algorithm updates, Google can reliably tell us what content is popular and pushes it to the top of our search engine results. Take your own general topic, plug it into Google, and see what surfaces.

I Googled why I need a wedding photographer. The top results include: (a) how many hours do you really need a wedding photographer?, (b) wedding photography tips and checklist, (c) 15 questions to ask your wedding photographer, and (d) why you don’t really need a wedding photographer.

(2) Quora

Quora is where people from around the world go to get their common questions answered. This can help you get into the minds of your potential clients.

You can put a general topic in the Quora search box and see what others have asked. The results can be both a source of questions to answer on your blog and resources to refer to.

I searched for travel photography and get the following in my results: (a) what are are some travel photography tips, (b) how can we make money with travel photography, (c) what is the best compact camera for travel photography, and (d) what is the best city for travel photography in 2017.

(3) Amazon’s “Look Inside” Feature

You know there is a lot of resourceful and helpful literature available on your industry niche, but you don’t have time to read all of it to generate ideas for your blog.

You can peak inside by heading over to Amazon, and using the “Look Inside” feature to get as much information as you’ll be able to see.

For example, I want to promote my new photography workshop, so I do an Amazon search for that term.

I find the book The Landscape Photography Workshop, and I see the following topics in the table of contents: (a) lenses for landscape photography, (b) camera accessories, (c) camera care, (d) histograms, (e) shutter speed, (f) rules of composition, (g) balance of harmony, (h) breaking the rules, (i) direction of light, (j) quality of light… and so much more!

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(4) KeywordTool.io

You know a general topic that your potential clients may be thinking about, but you are not sure what other resources they may be looking at.

That’s why you use KeywordTool.io.

When you type in your general topic, the results come back from among five different sources. I search here for “photography workshop” and get back results for (a) geographic regions, (b) how to teach a workshop, and (c) managing a workshop series.

(5) Hubspot Headline Generator

You want to continue your search for topics using more keywords, so you check out the Hubspot Headline Generator.

I type in photography workshop, and among the ideas that I get are: (a) photography workshop expectations vs. reality, (b) the next big thing in photography workshops, (c) photography workshops explained in fewer than 140 characters, and (d) this week’s top stories about photography workshops.

Remember these are ideas that others are searching for, and give you a place to start for your own blog posts.

(6) Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a site that will give you topics to write about and influencers to refer to. You can limit the search to within a specific time frame that ranges from between within the past 24 hours to 5 years ago.

When a blog post is pulled up, you can see how many shares it received across the most popular social media channels, and how many total engagements the post got. I search for wedding photography blogs, and I see what the top blogs are that I can peruse to get ideas for my own blog.

Make It Easier to Think of Blog Ideas

There’s More!

The good news is that there are dozens of strategies to use to generate ideas for your blog. This post looked at a handful of tools you can use. And all of the above ideas were taken from three prolific bloggers who give more extensive lists for blog idea generation. For more information, check out: