Top 13 Digital Tools for Optimized Output

Resources for Inbound Content Marketing

*Note: You may want to bookmark this post, since I regularly update this list. My last update was August 2019.

Technology applications, extensions, and add ons are a running theme throughout my work.  There are several that I use regularly.  Below is a baker's dozen list of my favorites.

1. MozBar Extension

The Mozbar extension allows to you look at the meta descriptions and markups of any webpage.  Do you want to know if you put the correct meta description on your page, or check if you added schema? This trusty tool will help you.  Do you want to know how you should tag your own pages?  Spy on your top competitors then apply their meta data to your content.

2. Convert Kit

This is a new addition to this list, and is in response to the endless stream of emails that just about everyone I know hates. I used to use another email service provider, but they did not offer the differentiation and customization that I wanted. And here enters Convert Kit! You can create sequenced automations for differentiated content. This is all for a reasonable price and will allow you to persuade your ideal customers without seeming too pushy

3. Facebook Pixel Helper

You now know that your website needs to have a Facebook pixel embedded in the code.  But you're not sure if you installed the pixel correctly.  The Facebook Pixel Helper extension lets you know how many pixels are installed an any site.

4. Google Analytics Browser Opt-Out Add On

You manage a website, and need to visit it often it to make sure everything is up and running.  But you don't want your own visits to skew your Google Analytics results.  Use Google Analytics Browser Opt-out Add On, and you will know your true site analytics.

5. Moz's Link Explorer

You've been working on a link building campaign to increase your domain authority, and want to see how well it's working.  Moz's Link Explorer tells the domain authority, and the inbound links for a page, sub domain, and root domain.  If you want to continue your link building campaign and want to know what sites to reach out to first, check out their data with this tool. For more on link building, see this post.

6. Boomerang for Gmail

Sending non-automated email can be efficiently managed with Boomerang for Gmail. This tool integrates with Gmail to give you options to send email at specific times, notify you when a sender interacts with your email content, and Boomerang messages when an action is or is not taken on your email within a certain number of days. Use this to maximize your communication.

7. Spark

Visual communication is extremely important for small businesses, and even more so when you are selling an invisible product. But what do you do if you are not a graphic designer? This is why you should check out Abode Spark. You’ll get access to hundreds of beautiful templates for images and videos for social media for your website. All is web-based, and therefore accessible anywhere!

8. Animoto

You've realized that your content gets a lot more engagement and click throughs with video than it does with images or text alone.  But you don't know how to make better videos.  This is where Animoto comes in.  For a small monthly fee, you can access a myriad of attractive video templates.  Make the video in Animoto, and download the high resolution file.  If you don't like the music or the Animoto logo at the end, and have a video editing software on your computer (I use iMovie), you can make those adjustments and still use the beautiful Animoto template.

9. Buffer

You know that a large component of effective inbound marketing is putting quality content in front of your potential clients. And social media is a great distribution tool.  But you don't always remember to post on time.  Buffer is a great way to manage and automate posting for all of your favorite social media platforms.  You have an "older" post that did really well?  Recycle it!  Buffer makes this easy to do.

10. Builtwith Technology Profiler Extension

You like a particular website, and want to emulate it.  But you can't figure how to set things up.  View the inner workings of the site with the Builtwith Technology Profiler extension.  With a single click, you'll be able to see the web server, hosting provider, email providers, analytics tools, advertising tools, and more.  It's a great way to make sure you stack up against your competition. 

11. Squarespace

Did you ever think that technology could make you feel smarter, more creative, and less stressed? Well, yes it can. But when you meet Squarespace, you think, “Oh, wow! YES IT CAN!” I have been designing websites before drag and drop was around. You name any popular web design program, and I’ve used it. Squarespace offers the best of design, SEO, and support. Once you get the hang of the technology, you then realize the infinite potential that it has. If you ever have a problem, Squarespace support is never far, and always efficient with your time.

12. Lightroom

Have you ever wondered how you can get your brand’s images to populate Google upon the search for a specific target keyword. The image title and meta data is the key to this tactic, and you can easily manage both with with Adobe Lightroom. This tool was designed to be a photo management system, and also allows non destructive editing. This tool will take your branding to the next level  

13. Grammarly

As a small business owner, you probably write most of your own content. I be you get things done as fast as you can so you can move on to the next thing and keep your business humming. But pounding away on your keyboard can easily lead to typos. This is why you need Grammarly! This browser extension checks your spelling and grammar, will save you the headache of typos, and will allow you to move on to do what you do best.

What’s next?

Are you interested in how any of these tools can help your business? Do you want to know what you specifically should focus on next? I offer a Website Workup where I analyze your business, your website, and recommend what to do to turn your website into a lead generator. Then if you want me to do the heavily lifting for you and integrate this technology, I offer Supercharged Website packages.

Not sure if either one of these options works for you? Jump on a quick call with me and figure out if we are a good fit.