Why I Do What I Do

Photo copyright by  Kathryn Aime

Photo copyright by Kathryn Aime


I’ve Had A Few Problems  

Yeah, I know I look really happy in the above photo. I am.

But that’s because I’d just thought of the solution to my main problem.

I also know that we all have problems. And it’s okay, because they shape us into who we are and what we do.

The major problems that I’ve run into over the past decade are what have led me to balking against the typical consultant framework.

I don’t allow people to subscribe to my services.  I also won’t tell you what I’m positive will work for your business.

Let Me Tell You Why

I Needed To Unleash Innovation

I spent a long time working for medium-sized organizations.  But I needed an outlet where I could let loose my innovative thinking.  The one-size-fits-all, big-box processes were not inspiring me. 

So, in 2009 I co-founded Morrinho U.S.A., a business consultancy for an art program in Rio de Janeiro. This gave me tons of experience in working with an internationally stratified remote team.  And this is where I cut my teeth on all things digital marketing - SEO, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and… the list goes on.

But My Model Wasn’t Sustainable 

The client in Brazil was happy with my work, and would tell me so regularly.  But a day came when I needed to move onto something different. I cared deeply about helping my clients, so I set up training materials for them and gave 1:1 work sessions so the team understood how to operate the systems I’d built and the technology that I used.

But soon after I left, my digital marketing system fizzled. 

I realized that I hadn’t empowered my clients enough in my area of expertise.

Empowering Clients Became My Focus

Empowering small service businesses was an integral aspect of my next project. I wrote dozens of guides on how to generate website visitors and marketing leads for small service businesses. 

Then I coached, in 1:1 sessions, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who wanted to grow their own business.  This setup allowed me to learn what needed to happen for the business, and what solution would work best for the reality of the business owner.

I Became My Own Client

At the same time that I was leading other solopreneurs and small business owners, I also started my own photography business.  I learned how to grow interest through an emotional response to my travel and portrait photos.  I used micro-targeting paid advertising and got people to sign up to my email list through digital lead magnets and in-person networking.  

I Outgrew Both Business Models

But I wasn’t completely happy with the training and coaching product I offered.  It did not have a strong follow-up system that would guide the clients to successfully apply long-term strategies for repeated organic growth once they were no longer working with me.

In my photography business, I got a lot of traffic to my website and engagement with my emails.  But I realized that what a lot of other expert marketers recommended did not work to turn my leads into clients.  

And all this time, I had also been working for medium-sized organizations.  I saw what strategies helped them grow their user-bases were not working for my super small service business clients.

I Wanted To Offer A Product I Believed In

So, I found myself at a point where I needed to pivot again.  I wanted to be a voice that stood apart from the rest.  

I took all of my previous experience and I did a competitive analysis to see what practices I wanted to use and what I wanted to stand apart from.

This is how I designed the Website Workup and the Supercharged Website packages.

Why I Designed My Current Products

Why Websites

I focus on websites, because they are the home base for any business’s digital marketing.  

With the integrations on the website comes micro-targeted paid advertising, helpful content to get visitors intrigued and excited, systems to stay in contact with potential clients through social media and email, and of course, options to buy products and services.

Why Small Service Businesses

I work with service businesses because that’s who I understand the most.  I have years of experience delivering knowledge-based products that are sought after and experiences that people don’t need, but want.  

Why Qualified Lead Generation

If you are not getting leads you can turn into sales, then your business won’t work.  A qualified lead is not the email address of someone in your niche market who doesn’t know about your product.  A qualified lead is the contact information of someone who has shown interest in a specific product, has read information about it, and wants to learn more. 

With this specialized focus, I can confidently say that if a website is not generating qualified leads, then it’s not doing its job.

I Know There’s No Magical Cure

Even with this niched-down focus and thought-out process, I know that there is no magical formula or one way to generate qualified leads. 

This is why after a client works with me, I follow up with them regularly to see how my strategies and systems work for them. 

I don’t like the “buy now, good bye” practice. So, if a client needs extra guidance, I give them additional resources and support.  I do this because generic products are not something that I can be proud of. 

I offer individualized support because I know that human connections allow for a more fulfilling experience for all people involved.

Bryn Bonino