Preparing For Your Brain Pick Interview

Photo by  Michal Czyz

Photo by Michal Czyz


You know that you need to do something different to reach your target market, because what you are doing isn’t working.

But you don’t know what to do.

This is exactly the type of situation that I like to help my clients with!

So, when you sign up for a Brain Pick Interview, what can you expect?

Digging Into Your Industry

No matter how differentiated you think your business is, in your prospects’ minds, you fall into a specific category of similar businesses.

What is your industry like, and how does it typically operate? What about your industry do you dislike and what would you like to change?

When I ask these questions, I can find nuggets of opportunity to brand your company in a way that will be authentic to who you are and why you are better than “those other guys.”

Analyzing The Competition

When I ask my clients what they think about the competition, I really want to know an honest answer.

I love it when I hear, “They suck!” Or “Their so annoying!”

This gives me even more ideas for how to differentiate your business and get it to stand apart.

This is because your prospects may not know that your competition sucks or is annoying, but they may feel something is off. This is a great opportunity to fine tune your message to speak directly to your ideal clients, and get their ears to perk up.

Personifying Your Ideal Client

You probably know well the tools and tactics that you use to make your business run. But your clients live in their own headspace.

This is why I ask questions like, “How do your clients feel when they first contact you?” and “How do they feel after they receive your service?”

If you think how often you and others you know make decisions based on emotions and not logic, then you can understand how digging into the emotions of your ideal clients reveals so much opportunity to the positioning of your business and the messaging of your product.

Identifying Your Brand

People usually come to me, because they need to reposition their brand. But I first want to understand what their current brand is.

I’m not so interested in color schemes and typeface as I am in how you communicate who you are.

Here I’ll ask “What do you want prospects to think when they visit your website?” and “What do you definitely not want them to think?”

From here I can cogitate on the energy level that is communicated in the visuals and copy on your website, social media, and marketing content.

Describing Your Value

Your value proposition and unique selling proposition are carefully edited phrases that communicate why anyone would want to work with you.

When you describe to me your unique process, guarantee, and why clients love working with you, then I get so much content to replicate across all of your marketing efforts.

Of course, I’ll fine tune your communicated value based on all the other information you give me. The result will be messaging that will fortify your brand.

Peeking Into Your Business

Often times my clients find that their website and marketing collateral is more attractive when they re-work their product offering.

This is why I ask questions to peek into my clients’ business. I’ll ask about the most profitable service you sell and what clients get at the end of working with you.

The answers to these questions may reveal changes to packaging of products, naming, positioning, and pricing. All of these items tell a story to prospects. And the goal is to tell a story that your prospects will listen to.

Visiting Your Current Marketing Practices

All of my clients have done their own marketing in the past. And some of them have worked with other marketing consultants, but are no longer happy with the results.

This is what I ask about here, because I want to make sure that you know that I won’t repeat what’s already been done.

Here I ask questions like how you currently find clients and if there is anything you’ve been wanting to try out, but haven’t yet.

An In-Depth Approach

Every phase of the Brain Pick Interview allows me to dig deeper into your business practice. I often think of ideas that could help while talking to my clients in the interview process.

But to make sure that all possibilities are exhausted, I analyze the Brain Pick answers with my well-researched rubric of best practices for marketing small service businesses.

This allows me to be confident that I am giving you the best possible recommendations for what your individual goals are.

Does the Brain Pick Interview
sound like something you’d like to do?