1. Why do I have to start with a Foundational Planning Session?

    Essential parts of marketing are having a defined goal and having a voice that talks to your client. The Foundational Planning Session includes a semi-structured Brain Pick Interview with that allows me to understand your goals and voice, then make recommendations within a few days.

  2. What technology do you use to design lead generating systems?

    The main technology that I prefer to use when designing lead generating systems are Squarespace and Convert Kit. I use Squarespace because of the beautiful designs and the easy to use templates that allow me to hand off a website to my clients. I use Convert Kit because of the potential to communicate more directly with prospects. I’ve used many other platforms over the past decade, including Wordpress and Mailchimp. I find that Squarespace and Convert Kit are unique in making all involved feel empowered. To see more technology that I recommend, see my top tech tools.

  3. What information will you need from me to design my lead generating system?

    The Foundational Planning Session gives me a strong background to know how to position your business. I’ll also need the customized images you want featured, any educational blog posts and collateral you are already using, and a high resolution PNG image of your logo.

  4. What kind of materials will be used to train me and my team afterward?

    I’ll give you a video recording of our training call and a PDF document that explains what you should do to maintain a robust Digital System. The PDF will contain hyperlinks to extended resources explaining how you can apply the recommended strategies.

  5. I want someone to manage my site for me, can you do that?

    All of my packages include the offer for ongoing maintenance and a possible content marketing plan. If you decide to go with one of my Digital System Build packages, we can chat more about continued support.

  6. What if I don’t like what you design for me?

    I’ll refund your money within 90 days of delivery of the complete system if you are not satisfied. But to make sure that you are, I’ve built in a method that I think you’ll like. The Foundational Planning Session is designed for you to get a feel for what it is like working with me. This way we are more likely to be happy working together. Also, all collateral and digital systems come with one round of edits.

  7. I have a few more questions, can we chat?

    Yes! Schedule a 15-minute call with me where I’ll explain the process and we’ll both decide my services are what you need.


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