Landing Page

I designed the overall layout of this page, wrote the copy, decided on anchor text, researched and wrote most common FAQs, and gathered testimonials and photos of community members. I then collaborated with a team of designers for the design and images.

This allowed sales and customer success to present this program, and allow for quicker program growth. This strategy was combined with others to lead to over 300% growth.


Based on research and collaboration with an instructional designer, I designed the general layout of this downloadable, wrote the copy, and decided on the material to link. I then worked with a graphic designer to finalize the visual design.

This guide was widely shared on social media, and led to a significant increase in community growth. As part of a larger strategy, we saw 300% growth.


I wrote this article based on a webinar that I gave for account-based marketing. The content of this article is a demonstration of how I built the brand of this community to be something valuable to our advocates. This article later became an infographic and a video.

This content allowed for the community to have a touchpoint in every point in the customer lifecycle. In one month, we saw 300% growth.


"Bryn's ability to organize tasks and ensure quality responses to challenges helped improve exposure for the company and the use of Nearpod in classrooms across the world."

Bryn helped increase exposure to the company from around the world.

Senior Trainer, Nearpod



I conceived of the content of this infographic and wrote the copy. I then worked with a team of designers for the layout and design. The content of this article is an example of how I built the brand of this community to be something beneficial to our advocates.

This was shared widely in print and on social media. It allowed a community touchpoint to be woven through the entire customer journey. As a result, we experience over 300% growth.


Through data analysis, I knew we needed to deviate from an email marketing focus in order to grow the community program. I suggested that we create a video to embed in the product and promote on social media. I wrote the copy for this video, and collaborated with designers for the graphics and sound.

This was part of a multi-pronged strategy that led to 300% growth when compared to the same time period the year before.


The previous web design platform for this site was not responsive to mobile, and did not allow for optimizing SEO with meta-descriptions and title tags.

I switched the site to Art Storefronts, which allowed me to improve on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. I wrote the copy for the photos in a storytelling fashion. I sequenced the photos according to best visual optimization practices. I then used social and email marketing to drive more traffic and convince more people.

This was part of a strategy that increased site views by 200% and got me recognized as a professional photographer.


"Bryn's forward thinking led to integrated technology to enhance communication between teachers across the district.  Her background, skills, and passion make her an ideal candidate in a leadership capacity."

Bryn makes an ideal candidate in a leadership capacity.

World Language Consultant, Vista Higher Learning


Lead Capture Tool

A content and email marketing strategy was implemented to keep customers engaged, because the previous MQL to SQL process was leaky. I researched lead capture tools to ingrate with the email service provider being used. I then wrote the copy, designed the color scheme, and laid out the graphics. I also made the video and shot the photo on this page. This page has doubled the signups to the email list for this company.

Facebook Page

Once the above website was set up with Google Analytics, and followed best SEO practices, I embedded a Facebook pixel. I then ran targeted PPC ads. I used a romancing strategy to gain followers. This page got over 1,200 followers in a few months. The 11 reviews were given with either one or no asks. Today this page is by far the largest driver of traffic to the photography site.


When I was an educational technology specialist, the most common questions were how to use technology, and not why to use it. I researched models of successful technology integration in education, and simplified academic writing to this copy. I then used Piktochart to design the infographic.

This infographic was widely shared, and led to more business and requests for trainings. Clients understood the wider possibilities of technology integration in education, so they wanted to learn more about all that was possible.


"I highly recommend Bryn for any position.  She is highly skilled and a pleasure to work with."

I recommend Bryn for any position.

Instructional Leader, Highline Public Schools