Supercharged Packages


These Supercharged Website packages are where I do the heavy lifting for you so you have a sizzling website with the integrations and processes needed to connect to your ideal clients.

For all options, I apply the Website Workup deliverables and services, then I train you on how to maintain your site and continue to get clients calling.


Option 1: Supercharged Website

Maybe you are just getting your business off the ground? Or maybe you have been in business for a while, but want to shift your strategy and start with the lowest-hanging fruit? If this sound like you, this option is the way to go.


*Previous payment of a Workup is applied.

Option 2: Supercharged Website Plus

You’ve been in business for a while and you’ve tried several tactics that led you to creating a lot of social media and blog posts. But you need a boost to get those harder to reach ideal clients. If this sounds familiar, this package is for you.

This is my most popular package, because it meets the needs of most of my clients.


*Previous payment of a Workup is applied.

Option 3: Supercharged Superstar

This is a level jump like no other for those who want to make a solid mark on their industry. This option includes customized strategies for lead generation for a global presence and personal branding.


*Previous payment of a Workup is applied.


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