Website Workup

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Job Applicant In Office

Step 1: Interview

I’ll get to the heart and soul of your business through a 2-hour semi-structured interview where I ask questions about your industry, clients and competition. I recommend first that you know your competition well. Performing this competitive analysis will help you be prepared.

Step 2: Analysis

Then I audit your current website and digital presence. I examine all of this data through the lens of best practices. This will all be done in a week, then I’ll present my recommendations to you with a written brief.

Step 3: Recommendations

I deliver my recommendations either in person or via Zoom.  I’ll tell you what I think should happen and why. The recommendations may include changes to creative, online networking, email automations, micro-targeted paid acquisition.  All is specialized for your specific situation.


This is how you get a full lead-generating strategy in a week.


Price: $595

*This cost is applied to any Supercharged Site moving forward.


Maybe you’re not sure if this is for your you?

Book a 15-minute call with me and we can figure it out.



“Bryn is one of the easiest people to work with. She is super receptive to feedback and proactively works to think outside the box to give you the best options.”


"Bryn built our entire website in two languages from scratch, and did a beautiful job. Her social networking skills were extremely impressive as we grew our base of followers and worked to fundraise around the country. Bryn's extremely motivated, resourceful, and was always a pleasure to work with - and I'd happily do so again in the future."

Project Morrinho

"Bryn would be a valuable asset to any team because she is able to bring diverse views due to the wide array of experience she has had.”